Powder coating & lacquering

Powder coating is a method of applying powder paint on a conductive surface (metal elements), using electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying. The hardening process takes place at a temperature of 140-200 ° C, which leads to the melting of the applied powder and its polymerization. In this way, a varnished surface is obtained that is resistant to negative factors.

The benefits of powder coating are:

  • saving paint
  • considerable efficiency
  • corrosion resistance
  • better protection against damage
  • greater protection against chemical factors
  • no negative impact on the natural environment

Thanks to its advantages, it has a wide range of applications. Powder coating is possible mainly on components made of aluminum, steel, brass and cast iron.

Contrary to traditional painting with solvent-based paints, the coatings obtained in the powder technology are completely smooth, without cracks, stains or bubbles in the varnish layer. The obtained surface is not only perfectly smooth but also very durable.

Spray or liquid painting.

Our offer also includes spray painting of wood-based components. We can avail of the highest quality varnishes from the best producers.

We select the colors of varnishes taking into account the full range of colors and shades according to the RAL and NCS palettes. If it is not possible to match the color from the standard color palette, it is possible to choose an individual color at the customer’s request. In addition to the choice of all shades of colors, there is also the choice of the structure, from matt to high gloss.