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Promotional articles for companies

Allied For Tech offers advertising articles and provides printing services for companies. With the ability to carry out even the most unusual orders, we approach each order individually.

Thanks to the access to the specialized machinery and over 10-year long experience within the industry, we are able to offer standard as well as unique and eco-friendly articles for the company’s promotion, which is used by many of our customers worldwide. The benefit of working with us are also competitive prices.

Below are some examples of what we do:

  • Pad printing
  • Screen printing
  • Printed paper cups
  • We specialize in printing on glass, difficult plastics PP, PE, rubber, silicone.
  • Printing on glass bottles – fired in the oven
  • Imprint on medicine ampoules
  • Gilding embossing up to A5
  • Eco packaging with print made of thin wood
  • Eco-trays with print for fruits and vegetables
  • Coasters for coffee or beer made of good veneer 0.7-1.5 mm thick – cheaper and more eco-friendly than cork.
  • Printing on paper bags
  • Print on white or grey paper cup bands
  • Printing on hangers – wooden or plastic
  • Printing on bubble envelopes
  • Printing on foil bags
  • Printing on wooden stirrers for paints and varnishes – sanded beech wood.
  • Etc.

If you are interested in our offer of advertising articles for companies, please get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you!