Technical design

Transforming ideas and designs into technical design

We are well aware that a successful business often requires recognizing the need to operate within a global community. This is where smart entrepreneurs or established business owners take advantage of technical design services in order to stay competitive. Therefore employing the engineering force at Allied For Tech, busy professionals are confident that their ideas and designs are safely maintained. They can also rest assured that their projects meet their realizations. For extra confidence, we regularly sign and retain NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

Convenient solutions

Allied For Tech’s professional design services aid in saving unnecessary overhead expenditure. We offer our customers the quality and accuracy of the work and that it is completed within the deadlines.


We communicate and deliver within the same time as we work with European clients in the same time zone. Engineering firms and contractors have come to realize the benefits of outsourcing technical design. Our employees focus on delivering our services in majority to European companies. They also have successfully co-operated with customers on other continents meeting their deadlines.


The overall cost of doing business with offsite entities is significantly lower, considering the wages of in-house employees with those in our geographical location. We believe this to be your advantage when considering the costs of a project. Our technical design services prove to be highly productive. We are using results-driven methods as well as paying close attention to every detail.

High standards

Our highly specialized professionals closely keeping up with the latest technical design applications will provide the best results. Our goal-driven attitude allows us to compete with much larger firms by offering competitive prices. This puts us in an optimal place, as modern-day projects require the use of cutting edge applications in 3D modelling and technical design.