Grinding & polishing

Grinding, polishing and renovation

Our grinding services are mainly done on endless belts, as well as with the use of special grinders and hand-held power tools.

The polishing is done with cotton pads as well as with the highest grade of polishing compounds.

We offer grinding & polishing all of given these points below:

  • castings
  • forgings
  • sheet metal components
  • profiles, tubes, sections
  • spun* components (*metal spinning)


We offer comprehensive renovation of chandeliers, wall lamps as well as candlesticks, and also galvanized elements.

Renovation usually and frequently includes:

  • disassembly at the customer’s site
  • repair, adding remanufactured missing components
  • polishing, often with a mirror effect
  • varnishing with a clear coat or lacquer
  • replacement of sockets, tubes as well as electrical installation
  • and equally important assembly at the customer’s site