Our services

Years of experience, commitment and dedicated customer service of manufacturing solutions.

Allied For Tech’s founders and employees have many years of experience in the manufacturing industry. This, in fact, has already turned into many successful transactions and also consequently, a large group of satisfied customers as well as professional relationships. Our business is to offer manufacturing solutions, as well as the highest product quality and customer satisfaction. Moreover, we are defined by our accuracy and resilience, which are appreciated by our customers worldwide.

Trust in experience and quality. Choose Allied For Tech in need of manufacturing solutions!

We are a partner in the area of metal and woodworking for many European brands and also companies. Furthermore, with the present-day technologies of wood and metal processing, we can offer attractive terms in both the lead times and quality.

Development of new products and redevelopment of existing designs.

Professional development of a new product or redevelopment of an existing one. Beginning with pricing, and having serial production in mind, we aim to optimize the complete project together with the necessary attention to every step. Finally, at Allied For Tech, we focus our attention on the state of the art engineering and manufacturing while maintaining inventories for both B2B and B2C requirements.

Everything is in one place.

Regardless of the required part, product, component or production type, we can help. Our engineers and designers can of course perform reverse engineering or take a rough sketch and use their own experience and the latest software to produce a design. In addition, we can determine the feasibility, finish, produce a prototype, and even do low-volume production.

We invite you to reach out to Allied For Tech for any of the services rendered: