At Allied For Tech, we release the power of knowledge and experience to specifically provide access to product manufacturing solutions. Our company was established to offer experienced compliance, engineering specialists and a commitment to sustainability. We give our customers an edge in solving today’s challenges related to products or components production.

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We don’t just show pictures, we manufacture real products.

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High quality service, high standards.
Assembly services avaialbe on site.
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Post-production, add on services.
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Our commitment, expertise and experience within the industry give us unparalleled capabilities. Above all, we meet the needs and requirements of our customers. They are often the designers, entrepreneurs, brand owners or retailers. From idea to production, we are here for you. Visit our services page for more information about the manufacturing solutions we offer.

We work with production companies, designers, engineers from various industries. Also, we are able to handle the orders commissioned by customers from any industry. Our staff is always happy to help in the implementation of our client’s projects.

Looking for a gateway to successful manufacturing of metal and wood products? If so, a wide range of industrial and manufacturing capabilities are at our disposal. Besides that, we assist and provide our customers achieve their production goals by choosing quality materials and reducing operating costs. We specialize in the design, manufacturing and assembly of metal and wooden products and components. Moreover, we aim to meet every customer’s requirements according to their specifications, execution time and budget.

Allied For Tech is a reliable company built on many years of experience in the industry. With customer service at a high level.  In addition to the above, professional engineering facilities are in place. Furthermore, we operate with particular attention to the quality control of each executed order.

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